Picking the Super Bowl winner is a big deal and a profitable one. Winning a huge FREE Super Bowl contest is even better!

You don’t have to pick the winner to be successful as 48 players will qualify to win $48 and one grand prize winner will pocket $484.84, all in honor of Super Bowl XLVIII!

Fun questions, multiple-choice answers and the most fun you can have watching the big game! *Read rules for details.

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It's easy, it's fun, it's exciting and it's free. No, it's not sex, it's the ProperBowl.com Challenge and we have tips, news updates and other hints to help you win BIG!

Wardo19 wins 2014 Proper Bowl Title

With 3,220 points accumulated via 15 correct answers, Wardo19 is the unofficial winner of the ProperBowl.com contest for 2014.

Proper Bowl 2014 Correct Answers

The 2014 edition of the ProperBowl.com Super Bowl contest saw plenty of unusual outcomes, least of which was the safety as the opening score on the first play from scrimmage.

Super Bowl Props Pool Returns for 2014

The best free Super Bowl contest on the web returns for 2014 with the ProperBowl.com Super Bowl XLVII game.

Contest Rules

The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year and involves plenty of complex play-calling. So in our free Super Bowl 48 contest, we went the other way and made it as simple as possible.

The ProperBowl.com contest is a simple, fun and free way to increase your enjoyment of the big game. If you are not a fan of either team, it can be a bit of a letdown, especially if it’s a blowout. [ Players must have a valid sponsor account in order to claim prizes ]

But if you have ever played a Super Bowl pool in the past (or staked a little bet on a prop like 'How many TDs will Tom Brady throw?', you know how every play can generate excitement and action.

Every play could provide a correct answer that helps you win your share of nearly $3,000 worth of prizes! *The winning player will receive $484.84 - a weird number but its in recognition of Super 48.

The next 48 top finishers will all pocket $48 each - not bad for a free contest for simply answering some simple questions and making some fun predictions about everything from the coin toss to the final score!

*Consult rule details on prize eligiblity.

Picks can be entered or edited up until the stated game closing time.

Each question’s answer is assigned a numerical value. If you correctly pick the answer, you will be awarded the points associated with that answer.

How many points will be scored before halftime in the big game?
(1) 0-3 = 40 points
(2) 4-7 = 30 points
(3) 8-13 = 25 points
(4) 14-20 = 15 points
(5) 21-27 = 20 points
(6) 28+ = 35 points

If the halftime score is 10-7 (17 points), then your contest score is 15 points.
If the question does not yield an answer in the course of the game, that question will be considered void and no points shall be awarded.

If you do not select an answer for a question then you will receive ZERO points for the question.

The contestant with the most accumulated points from answering the 25 questions shall be the winner. Top players all claim prizes as outlined in the Prize page of ProperBowl.com. Residents of some countries and states are ineligible for prizes and there is no substitution or compensation in these instances.

If there is a tie among contestants, then the contestant with the most correct answers wins. If there is a further tie then a coin toss or successive coin tosses will determine the final winner.

In the event of a tie for any of the prize positions, the prize will be decided based on tie-breakers as detailed in the TIE-BREAKERS section above. Prizes will be paid out after all scoring has been tallied, properly validated and held for a period pending disputes, scoring errors or other issues as may arise.
Good luck and have fun!

* Contestants who did not provide valid email or contact details and who do
not otherwise respond to mailings from ProperBowl.com shall forfeit any
prizes after 30 days. Providing valid contest details was a prerequisite for
playing the free Super Bowl props contest.

* In order to qualify for the grand prize of $484.84 and secondary prizes of $48, contestants must have a valid sponsor account (sponsor explains this as a customer who has made a deposit during the contest). If the contestant who wins a prize has not met the requirement of having a valid account, he/she shall receive $10 instead.

ProperBowl.com Staff

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Contest questions courtesy of the BOVADA sportsbook props department.
Winners receive the prizes outlined on the Prizes page.