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Wardo19 wins 2014 Proper Bowl Title

With 3,220 points accumulated via 15 correct answers, Wardo19 is the unofficial winner of the ProperBowl.com contest for 2014.

Proper Bowl 2014 Correct Answers

The 2014 edition of the ProperBowl.com Super Bowl contest saw plenty of unusual outcomes, least of which was the safety as the opening score on the first play from scrimmage.

Super Bowl Props Pool Returns for 2014

The best free Super Bowl contest on the web returns for 2014 with the ProperBowl.com Super Bowl XLVII game.

NFC After 14th Straight Super Bowl Coin Toss Win

You flip a coin, it's supposed to be the epitome of fairness and even odds.

Don't tell that to the AFC captains who line up at center field to start Super Bowl XLV.

When the Packers won the coin toss last season, it was the 14th consecutive win for the NFC. Check that again - 14 consecutive Super Bowl coin toss victories in a row.

That prop has been available at even odds for a while now, but the sportsbooks are tilting their lines in favor of the NFC.

"It's still a 50-50 proposition for betting purposes," said Mike Pickett of point spread aggregator service OddsShark.com.

"And I think ProperBowl gives you slightly better odds to pick the AFC in its free Super Bowl contest."

Indeed, one of the first questions in the 2012 ProperBowl Challenge involves the coin toss and we offer a little incentive to pick the AFC in the face of this overwhelming mountain of evidence and trends. [ Sign up now for your chance to win $3,500 in prizes and get $10 free if you are one of the first 100 players to sign up! ]

We'll also get things started with a heads or tails question.

You should know that the longest streak for heads or tails was nine straight for 'heads' (Super Bowl VI-XIV) and that the winner of the coin toss has about a 50-50 chance of winnning the Super Bowl (NFC leads 23-21).

Heads also leads the series, called 23 times to 21 times for tails.

In all, 26 teams called and won the coin toss and 14 went on to win the Super Bowl. That's barely over 50% but it happened last year with the Saints.

On the other side of the coin, the team calling and losing the toss won 12 times.

The coin toss winner has won 21 Super Bowls and lost 23. Again, close to 50-50. The only outlier is that NFC vs AFC thing.

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