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Wardo19 wins 2014 Proper Bowl Title

With 3,220 points accumulated via 15 correct answers, Wardo19 is the unofficial winner of the ProperBowl.com contest for 2014.

Proper Bowl 2014 Correct Answers

The 2014 edition of the ProperBowl.com Super Bowl contest saw plenty of unusual outcomes, least of which was the safety as the opening score on the first play from scrimmage.

Super Bowl Props Pool Returns for 2014

The best free Super Bowl contest on the web returns for 2014 with the ProperBowl.com Super Bowl XLVII game.


It's the 48th edition of the NFL championship game so the prizing reflects this. The top 48 contestants qualify to pocket $48 and the overall winner could earn $484.84!

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The qualified and validated winners of the ProperBowl.com contest shall be awarded a grand prize. ProperBowl.com officials shall make contact with the winner after all results have been tallied and validated.

The players finishing 2nd through 49th in the ProperBowl.com contest shall earn the second place prize, $48 courtesy of sponsor Bovada.

* Residents of some countries and some states are ineligible to receive prizes. There can be no prize substitution or compensation in these cases, however fans are welcome to play for free and claim bragging rights!

After signing up for the ProperBowl.com game, contestants may set up a sponsor account and then send that account number to our contact email address. ProperBowl will communicate with the sponsor to have the account credited. DO NOT CONTACT THE SPONSOR DIRECTLY - ALL CORRESPONDENCE REGARDING THIS GAME GOES THROUGH PROPERBOWL

*Prizing shall be in the form of accounts at Bovada and are subject to industry-standard rollovers (meaning you are not permitted to simply withdraw the prize). Contestants are encouraged to check out the free contests available at bovada and MUST HAVE a sponsor account in order to claim prizes.

* ProperBowl.com officials shall contact the winners directly within 48 hours of the contest's expiry and those with Bovada accounts shall be credited shortly thereafter. Others will establish accounts and advise ProperBowl.com officials later on their account details. At no time shall winning contestants contact the sponsor directly - ProperBowl.com game officials will organize all the winning results and communicate the player details to the sponsor.

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Contest questions courtesy of the BOVADA sportsbook props department.
Winners receive the prizes outlined on the Prizes page.