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Wardo19 wins 2014 Proper Bowl Title

With 3,220 points accumulated via 15 correct answers, Wardo19 is the unofficial winner of the ProperBowl.com contest for 2014.

Proper Bowl 2014 Correct Answers

The 2014 edition of the ProperBowl.com Super Bowl contest saw plenty of unusual outcomes, least of which was the safety as the opening score on the first play from scrimmage.

Super Bowl Props Pool Returns for 2014

The best free Super Bowl contest on the web returns for 2014 with the ProperBowl.com Super Bowl XLVII game.

ProperBowl Super Bowl Correct Answers 2013

The game is over, the contest is closed and the boxscore data is in – now it’s time to check the correct answers from the 2013 edition of the ProperBowl.com props contest.

***And please wait a few days while we doublecheck the stats, ensure there are no boxscore changes from the NFL and that the results are final. We will send out confirmation emails to the top finishers this week and hope to have the winnings credited NEXT week. Please do not email us and do not email the sponsor as ProperBowl will manage all of the prizing details.

Check out the answers below, check out your scores and thanks for playing ProperBowl.com and we’ll see you again next year!

Will Coach Harbaugh win the Super Bowl?: YES 100 points

Coin Toss will be: Heads 105 points

Team to win Coin Toss: Ravens 120 points

Team to have 1st Coach's Challenge: SF 100 points

Team to call 1st Timeout: Ravens 100 points

Team to commit 1st Penalty: SF 110 points

Team to Score First: Ravens 115 points

Team to Punt First: SF 100 points

Time of First Score: UNDER 7 minutes, 110 points

First Scoring Play: Raven TD 100 points

First Score of Game: TD 100 points

Player to score the first touchdown will have: Odd jersey, 81, Boldin, 130 points

The first turnover of the game will be: Fumble 150 points

Race to 10 points: Ravens 110 points

A score in the final 2 mins of 1st half?: YES 100 points

Who will score first in 2nd half?: Ravens 100 points

Will a special teams or defensive TD be scored?: YES, KO return Jones, 150 points

Longest Touchdown of the Game (Includes all Returns): 108 yards, OVER 43.5, 110 points

The longest field goal made in the game will be: UNDER 43.5, 100 points

Will there be a Successful 2 Pt Conversion?: NO, 100 points

Most Completions: 22-16 Ravens, Balt +5.5, 100 points

Most Rushing Yards: 182-93 SF, SF -25.5, 100 points

Most Receiving Yards: 286-274 Ravens, SF +25.5, 120 points

Total Passing Yards by Both Teams: 286 + 274 = 560 (UNDER 625.5), 100 points

Total Sacks by Both Teams: 5, UNDER 5.5, 100 points

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Contest questions courtesy of the BOVADA sportsbook props department.
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