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Wardo19 wins 2014 Proper Bowl Title

With 3,220 points accumulated via 15 correct answers, Wardo19 is the unofficial winner of the ProperBowl.com contest for 2014.

Proper Bowl 2014 Correct Answers

The 2014 edition of the ProperBowl.com Super Bowl contest saw plenty of unusual outcomes, least of which was the safety as the opening score on the first play from scrimmage.

Super Bowl Props Pool Returns for 2014

The best free Super Bowl contest on the web returns for 2014 with the ProperBowl.com Super Bowl XLVII game.

Super Bowl Contest Questions Posted

The game began accepting registrations two weeks ago and now you know what the questions will be in the 2011 edition of the free Super Bowl contest here at ProperBowl.com.

There are 25 questions as you try to win $2,500 while watching Super Bowl XLV, which are posted now for everyone who has signed up to play. And the first questions will be answered before kick-off.

[ You can also print off the questions if you want to use the ProperBowl questions for your Super Bowl party ]

And some won’t be answered until after the final whistle.

The coin toss is good for two answers. You can pick heads or tails and whether the Steelers or Packers will win the toss. Why do you get more points (110) for picking the Steelers than Green Bay (100) if it’s a 50-50 event?

Because the NFC has won 13 straight Super Bowl coin tosses, so you should be rewarded for picking the underdog Steelers!

Who will commit the first penalty? How long will the longest field goal be? How many sacks total in the game?

The questions come fast and furious but you have plenty of time to think it through and pick the right answers.

Will there be a scoring play in the first seven minutes of the game? Will the Steelers or Packers score first (we have Green Bay favored with 100 points and the Steelers at 115.

Naturally you want to pick as many correct answers as possible but you also need to accumulate as many points as possible.

And while the ProperBowl game does not get into a lot of player-based questions, there are places where you can bet on whether defensive stalwarts Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews will have an interception, whether Aaron Rodgers passing yards are over or under and Rashard Mendenhall rushing yard totals.

However, you make a pick on who you think will be the Super Bowl MVP. With the Packers favored by 3 points, their best player is understandably the favorite to win the award.

Aaron Rodgers leads the pack at roughly 2/1 odds while Big Ben Roethlisberger is next at roughly 3/1 odds.

So welcome to the ProperBowl.com Challenge. Sign up for the game and make your picks, make sure you have a sponsor account to claim prizes after Super Sunday and then enjoy the biggest game of the year.

Thanks again to bodog’s props department for providing the odds and fun questions this year!


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Contest questions courtesy of the BOVADA sportsbook props department.
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